Katherine Indermaur’s recent publications are below.

2021 //

“Carrying” and “Ritual for After the Bleeding Stops” — poems, Timshel Magazine volume 2

“Seeing Mt. Sinai for the First Time” and “Climbing Mt. Sinai” — poems, Alpinist 75

Facing the Mirror: An Essay — chapbook, Coast|noCoast Press

From “Facing the Mirror: An Essay” — nonfiction, GASHER Journal

“Tantalus at the Fridge” and “Tantalus and the Broken Branch” — poems, The Cortland Review

“Whetting” — poem, The Journal volume 44.3

2020 //

“Neffs Canyon, April” — poem, MAYDAY Magazine

“When the Taking Is Holy: A Review of Hannah Larrabee’s Wonder Tissue — book review, EcoTheo Review

Lisa Jarnot’s A Princess Magic Presto Spell — book review, Colorado Review

“From ‘Facing the Mirror: An Essay'” — poem, COAST|noCOAST

“Girl Descends Asunder” — poem, winner of the Black Warrior Review 2019 Poetry Contest selected by Tommy Pico, Black Warrior Review 46.2

“Inkling” — poem, Bristlecone Firesides 

“From ‘Facing the Mirror: An Essay'” — poem, Pulpmouth

“Taking the Pulse of Sandstone” — poem, Alpinist 69

David Biespiel’s Republic Café — book review, Colorado Review

“Embracing the Expanse: Terry Tempest Williams’s Erosion: Essays of Undoing — book review, 15 Bytes

2019 //

“Always Losing Heat to Air or Each Other” — poem, Sugar House Review issue 19

Maya Phillips’s Erou — book review, Colorado Review

“Instrument” and “Emanate” — poems, Bad Pony

Paisley Rekdal’s Nightingale — book review, Colorado Review

“AFTER: Many Songs” — hybrid, the Hunger

“Pattern is a mirror with engine” — poem, Oxidant|Engine

“Compulse” — poem, Breakwater Review

“From ‘Facing the Mirror'” — hybrid, Ghost Proposal

“The Big Hollow” — poem, Range issue 11

“From ‘Facing the Mirror: An Essay'” — lyric essay, New Delta Review

“Shards of Desert Delight in Ellen Meloy’s Seasons — book review, 15 Bytes

2018 //

“Flooded” — poem, Frontier Poetry

“Torn Just for Wanting” — essay, Entropy

“Ten Sleep Canyon” — poem, Alpinist 64

“Tool Users: Waterproof Fabric” — article, Alpinist 64

“An Interview with Poet Abigail Chabitnoy” — interview, Colorado Review

“‘Honouring High Places’: A Lifetime of Exploring Unforgiving Terrain” — book review, Alpinist

“You’ll See Something, Maybe” — essay, Alpinist 63

“BEFORE: An Aubade” — poem, winner of the 2018 Academy of American Poets Prize, poets.org

“‘End of the Rope’: Courage and Humor on the Cliffs and on the Ground” — book review, Alpinist

“Lodgepole Pine” — poem with a short prose introduction, Alpinist

Pulse — my first chapbook! poetry, Ghost City Press

“Three Black Canyon routes in 24 hours: raising money for the Climbing Grief Fund” — article, Alpinist

“Replication of a Miracle” — poem, Voicemail Poems