Hi friends–I’m not currently teaching on a regular schedule at the moment. Stay tuned for any changes!


People have described Katherine’s yoga classes as, “Lovely,” “Interesting,” “Challenging,” “I’ve never done that one pose before,” and “Best. Yoga class. EVER!”

Photo courtesy of University of Wyoming Campus Recreation
Photo courtesy of the University of Wyoming newspaper, the Branding Iron

If you work at a desk all week, check out my blog for two posts on office yoga: one on stretches you can do at your desk, and this one for stretches you can do at home after a day at the office.

Photo by Margaret Indermaur
Photo by Margaret Indermaur

Yoga is an ancient practice that has evolved over many centuries to focus on wellness through a mind-body connection. Aspects of yoga include asanas (physical postures), breath work, meditation, self-care, philosophy, service, and spirituality. As a certified yoga instructor, my primary interest is in leading students through a practice of physical poses while incorporating other lessons to address common issues like anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, and common side effects of sedentary or active lifestyles.

Photo by Jessie Quinn

I completed my 200-hour training at Blossom Yoga in Laramie, Wyoming and was registered as a certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance in May 2014. I completed additional training in May 2015 in aerial yoga as well (Curious about aerial? Check out my blog post about it!). I have hundreds of hours of teaching experience, including group classes for children and adults in vinyasa flow, hot power, and aerial styles at all levels, as well as workshops for specific groups and corporate events. I teach weekly classes at Colorado State University’s gym in Fort Collins, Colorado (see above for my schedule).

It is my belief that yoga is for everyone, and every body. Not only does a regular yoga practice bring us healing, it also reintroduces us to our best selves.

Photo by Kevin Ziechmann
Photo by Kevin Ziechmann


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