In This Moment, On This Road

Fall in Pando, the world's largest aspen clone, Fishlake National Forest, Utah I heard social worker and researcher Brené Brown say recently on her thought-provoking podcast, “We’re all susceptible to information that delivers us from pain.” There are so many people in pain in America right now. Actual physical pain—the pain of abuse, addiction, withdrawal, …

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Who Says It’s Over?

I don't feel like a very patriotic person these days. I'm not proud of America—neither now nor of our past. I don't really understand what American culture is and, when I do, it makes me sad and angry to think that foreigners associate Americans with loud, pushy, short-sentenced, nouveau riche, white men. At a Gillian …

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A National Wound

Something I’ve been considering lately—and I know I’m not alone in this—is our current political moment in America. Not only is our president unpopular and repulsively incapable of coherence, but many recent events are arguably assembling into an assault on empathy and compassion. This nonstop rhetoric of division. Trump backed the US out of the …

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