Book news!

So remember that chapbook of mine that Coast|noCoast published earlier this year? My full-length manuscript, also titled Facing the Mirror: An Essay, was just picked up for publication by Seneca Review Books! This will be my first published book, and I’m so excited.

Judge Kazim Ali selected my manuscript as the winner of the 2022 Deborah Tall Lyric Essay Book Prize. More info on that prize, as well as the list of amazing finalists, semifinalists, and honorable mentions, are available here.

Seneca Review Books and Seneca Review are housed in Hobart and William Smith Colleges in upstate New York. My book will be published in fall 2022!

Thank you to Kazim Ali, Geoffrey Babbitt, and everyone at Seneca Review for all their hard work, and for taking a chance on me.

So many amazing people have believed in this book from its earliest stages, and I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you, poets who’ve given me essential feedback over the years: Sasha Steensen, Matthew Cooperman, Camille Dungy, Dan Beachy-Quick, Kristin Macintyre, Kelly Weber, Emma Hyche, Christa Shively, Susannah Lodge-Rigal, Danny Schonning, Margaret Browne, and Kathryn Knight Sonntag. Thank you to the editors at the literary magazines that have published excerpts from this manuscript and gave me hope that it was worth writing: Coast|noCoast, GASHER Journal, Pulpmouth, EX/POST (forthcoming), Ghost Proposal, New Delta Review, and Oxidant|Engine.

Stay tuned for more, and love to all!

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