Snow Sport Adventures

I took a little break from the blog while traveling for Christmas, and I’m sure you all are as excited about this first post of 2014 as I am. LOOK, I REALLY CAN KEEP A BLOG!

Since I last wrote, I’ve been skiing several times up at Snowy Range Ski Area in Medicine Bow National Forest, which Matt informed me is one of the highest-elevation ski areas in the nation. As you can imagine, they have gotten quite a bit of snow up there recently. When we went on New Years Day, there was a couple feet of fresh powder.

Driving up to the ski area
Driving up to the ski area

As you swish by on skis through the trees up on a mountain, everything becomes quiet. This is, in part, what I enjoy about climbing and yoga too – all you hear, all you experience in that moment is your breath and your movement.

Rental skis, boots, and poles
Rental skis, boots, and poles

The last time we were there, Matt and I got on a few blue runs, which are a step up in difficulty from the introductory-level green. Though I’d never been skiing on the east coast before, apparently the blue runs in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah are way more legitimate, also known as scary. There was a lot of squealing involved, and some falling. I basically zig-zagged as slowly as possible across the wider runs and occasionally tried to pull some sweet-looking, fast-braking maneuvers to no avail. At least now I can turn relatively confidently.

Matt enjoying the bunny slopes
Matt enjoying the bunny slopes

Look at all the snow in between the trees!

One thing I hadn’t mentally prepared for was the sketchy ski lifts. Why is it so easy to lose your skis and/or poles just as you’re getting on the lift? Why is there no bar a la roller-coasters to keep you from tumbling out onto the snow thirty feet below your toes? What do parents with small children do?!

Speaking of which, there are some seriously adorable toddlers hitting these slopes, HARD. Like, kids who are barely old enough to wear pants as a separate thing from a shirt. Their skis are maybe up to my knee. It’s impressive.

More snow! More trees!
More snow! More trees! (Instagrammed)

My least favorite part has to be riding up those ski lifts, mostly because you are forced to sit for five minutes in cold, snowy, windy weather with weighted feet. Also because there is no bar to keep you from falling to your cold, untimely death, but I have a feeling I may have already mentioned that.

One of my favorite parts might be sipping on a hot chocolate smothered in whipped cream and sprinkles while the feeling slowly, tingly, and painfully comes back into my toes. Another potential favorite is the fact that Snowy Range Ski Area has their own brewery on site. Already plenty afraid of my skiing skills while sober, I haven’t ventured into the bar as of yet.

Snowy and overcast Medicine Bow National Forest

Next time I’ll force Matt to take some photos of me on my skis, or of me drinking hot chocolate – whichever ends up being the more prevalent winter activity.

Best New Year wishes to you all!

2 thoughts on “Snow Sport Adventures

  1. Carrie B.

    Yes, but have you tried skijoring? “A delightfully quirky winter activity, skijoring—which has Scandinavian roots—is akin to water-skiing, but instead of being pulled by a boat the skier is towed by an animal.” (WSJ travel section)

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